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WiFi Mouse वाय फाय माऊस (Operate Computer from Smartphone)

Wifi Mouse is wonderful software that can transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, remote desktop,trackpad and more. You can Install this app for iOS and Android.

You Simulates mouse-click, touchpad gesture control, cursor movement, drag-and-drop, text selection etc.

Wifi Mouse Features:

  • It can support Full QWERTY keyboard with key-combination e.g. ALT+Fn and CTRL+C etc.
  • It Supports Voice-To-Text conversion and immediate display of transcribed text on your computer.
  •  It can Remote desktop logon with full control.
  • You can Quick control for 3rd party applications such as VLC®, Spotify®, YouTube®(web), Netflix®(web), PPT presentation and browsers.
  • I has Game-mode feature with joystick simulation, enables simple control e.g. flying, jumping and shooting action in PC based games.
  • Now you can Power off your PC from your bedroom.

1.For Using Wifi Mouse you need An Android Phone or Iphone, Windows 7/8/10 Desktop or Laptop or Linux Desktop or Laptop.

2.Also Note that you have to connect your mobile and your PC\Laptop in same network to use this software.

1. Download Wifi Mouse Server On Computer:

Note: Your Computer and Smartphone Must be on same network to use WiFi Mouse.

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